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St. Lawrence Rowing Club

Personal recommendation for the Australian WaterDart (Edon TS 515).

The St. Lawrence Rowing Club bought one of these rowing shells in 2009. We have used it extensively, both as a trainer and as a single shell for experienced rowers. I highly recommend it as a safe, robust, maintenance free, useful and economical addition to our club’s fleet of boats.

Our club trains beginners in sweep rowing for a 4 week, 16 hour Learn-to-Row course, after which we train each student to scull using the Edon. This process takes about an hour:

  • Dry rowing simulation: We begin by sitting the student in the Edon boat resting on top of our floating dock, with oars in the oarlocks and the pontoons on the rig. We simulate rowing the scull with the instructor holding the boat to keep it level. (You could use the supplied boat stands.) This allows the student to understand the hand positions, the stroke, and how these relate to the boat movements (turning port and starboard). This is particularly helpful after using the rowing machine to allow understanding of the hand and arm actions.
  • Tethered row: We then put the boat in the water at the dockside with a 70-foot floating line attached to the stern handle. The student gets in the boat and can then be instructed while taking three or four strokes. The tether is pulled back and the process is repeated as often as needed.
  • Rowing with pontoons: The next step is to remove the tether and allow the student to row away from the dock. An instructor follows in a single or a coach boat.

At this point the student can row independently. The boat is extremely stable and so the student builds skills and confidence to begin training for a more competitive sculling boat if desired.We always use the boat with the pontoons attached.

We have stored this boat outside, chained upside-down to our dock, all summer for four years. It still looks in good condition and appears to be unaffected by water or UV. We keep the oars and rig indoors for security. Rig assembly only takes a minute.The boat can easily be launched by a small adult - it can be safely dragged over rocky shores. A person who weighed about 220 pounds rowed the boat safely. 

Sue Welsh.
SLRC president 2011-present.
St. Lawrence Rowing Club