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The Canoe Rigger

The Canoe Rigger unit converts your canoe into a sliding seat rowing boat.

Designed by an Olympic oarsman and MIT engineer, these units are lightweight, strong and reliable.  A canoe fitted with The Canoe Rigger offers all the health benefits of a traditional rowing shell at a fraction of the cost.













The greatest advantage canoes have over sculling boats is their ability to accommodate passengers and gear.


PRICE:     $796 + HST

(Oars sold separately)



Rigger Style:  Sliding seat or sliding rigger.  Ideal for short canoes or heavier rowers.

Use:  Canoes only.

General Construction:  Anodized marine grade aluminum, with non-corrosive stainless steel fasteners.

Number of riggers:  Two (2)

Support:  Sits on the gunwales of a canoe and supports the weight of the rower free and clear of the floor of the canoe.

Thwart Removal:  Usually required (in most cases easily unscrewed).

Boat Attachment:   Aluminum clamping system to gunwales of canoe fully adjustable (no tools required).

Rigger:   Acts as thwart replacement, 1.25" OD 6061 T6 tubular marine aluminum, heavy duty .125" wall thickness.

Seat Track:  Monorail flanged box-beam construction (3" wide x 2" deep) similar to Concept II indoor rower.

Custom extruded 6061 aluminum.

Seat:  Vacuum formed contoured ABS.

Track:  Fully adjustable.

Bearings:  Six top quality precision ground sealed stainless steel ball bearings, and screw-machined delrim sheaves.

Oar Locks:  Moulded fiberglass reinforced nylon with adjustable locking gates and pitch adjustment.

Oarlock Pin:  Stainless steel bolted directly to rigger.

Pitch Adjustment:   Yes

Foot Stretcher Assembly:  Adjustable to fit children and adults up to 7 feet tall.

Foot Pads:  ABS, independently adjustable for each leg.

Foot Plates:  Fully adjustable.

Heel Cups:  ABS

Foot Fastener:  2" wide heavy duty velcro.

Weight:  Approx 24 lbs.

Assembly Required:  Yes - illustrated instructions included.

(Assembly allen key provided).