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Oar Board™

Fly across the water with the greatest of ease.













Oar Board™

$995 USD  (oars sold separately)

(Canadian price determined by the Banks exchange rate at time of purchase.) 


Build major core strength and enjoy double the calorie burn of jogging,
with no stress on the knees or your body.


You supply the SUP and WEsupply The Oar Board™ and Sculling Oars.


  • The Oar Board™ attaches to the SUP quickly with two snap-over strap buckles, turning an SUP into a fast, clean, green rowing machine. 
  • Features a sliding rigger rowing system.
  • Suitable for almost any SUP with a flush deck (touring, lightweight, inflatables and shorter boards)
  • Adjustable foot stop - anyone can row an Oar Board from kids to tall adults.





Oar Board™

$995 USD

The basic unit comes complete with next to no assembly required.  Initially, the outriggers and struts need to be bolted into position on the rigging carriage. They are shipped partially assembled and are simple to install.  Instructions are provided.  The snap over buckle straps are included, ready to fit the unit onto a board and go rowing.


Carbon/Glass Sculling Oars

$598 + HST

Description:  Carbon / glass sculling oars (288 cm.) with hatchet / cleaver blades.  A great recreational oar that is relatively light and robust.