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Who's got my Oar?


Rowing Benefit #1:  Improves Posture

Here I am, hunched over my computer.  I am constantly reminding myself to correct my posture.  Posture is important and it’s “on the decline” or for a better description “on the bent-over”.  We are “on the bent-over” much of the day performing our daily tasks.  Bad Posture has negative effects on our health. 


I have been reading many articles lately with the heading, “Is Rowing the New Spinning?  I am so glad rowing is making a come back.  Why you ask?  Because it’s safe, efficient, effective, easy on your joints and doesn’t hurt your private parts!  Yahoo!  Where do I sign up? 

Rowing strengthens your back, shoulders, chest, arms, core, legs and derriere giving you a total body workout.  One article stated that the rowing stroke was a combination of a leg press, a dead lift and a row.  Performing those three essential exercises is a lot more fun zipping across the water in a rowing scull with the wind in your hair.  Rowing also burns tons of calories and the best part is . . . a strong back and core gives you great posture!   Seriously, I’m doing the happy dance, where do I sign up?   

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