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Edon TS515, WaterdartEdon TS515, Waterdart

Sliding seat recreational rowing scull

$3,200 +HST


FUN for the whole family.

FAST for the competitor.

STABLE  for the beginner.

UNSINKABLE for everyone.


Oar Board

Oar Board

$995 USD (US dollars)
Canadian price determined by the Banks exchange rate at time of purchase.

  • Features a sliding rigger rowing system.
  • Attaches to your SUP with two snap-over strap buckles.
  • Suitable for almost any SUP with a flush deck (touring, lightweight, inflatables and shorter boards). 



The Minnow

$1,998 + HST

  • At 14 feet this briliant craft is perfect for children and small adults - up to 110lbs.

  • Special smaller sized oars are sold separately .